Rhinoceros 5 SR8 5.8.40305.11495 | +Keygen

mar 07



  1. No need to do a full reinstall. No need to reinstall plugins.Right-click the msi file and select Install (e.g h50Release_x64_en-us_5.8.40305.11495.msi) this will pdate your current installation.
  2. If you have an old license but want to use the Keygen with he license with validation code – you need to remove the old one.
  3. Unhide hidden Files and Folders: > Organize > Folder and search options > View > Show hidden files,folders, and drives.
  4. You need to delete the file named 60515f84-8f7f-41da-801d-1c87e32f88f5.lic inside [SYSTEM DRIVE]:\\ProgramData\\McNeel\\Rhinoceros\\5.0\\License Manager\\Licenses folder.
  5. Make sure you don\’t delete some other license files that may be there for some plugins you have installed e.g VSR Shape Modeling …they will be unrecognizable file names. I just backed them all up anyway.
  6. Next start Keygen and copy license key (keep the keygen window open)
  7. Next start Rhino and enter the new license key
  8. Click next – enter new validation code from Keygen
  9. Done.

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